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New Britain, CT, us
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Remember a day, a place, time or situation that was special to you. Something small, major, significant, or minuscule. All that matters is you remember it. It's a part of who you are, your core. Grow this into something extraordinary. Love whosoever is in your heart, remember those that have influenced you and move onward with this to pay forward what has inspired you.
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Ever aware of our daily routine... A Dane can thwart your attempt to sleep in on Sunday. jZ-2007 :o
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You are my miracle, all I can hope to achieve in my time is... A castle for you, surrounded by ponds with bright fish... Green fields that go forever, a place for your creatures to roam and be free... Sunshine when you're happy and a storm when you're angry... And all my passion given... To follow your heart, fly without wings and dream like your Dad. jZ - 2007
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When you are with me, I'm free... I am careless I believe, above all the others, we'll fly... this brings tears to my eyes...
Favorite Books:
Canine Myotherapy Early Canine Conditioning Responsible Ownership About Author - My Story A million little Suns... Compliments of Water... Sky... And a late Summer breeze... jZ- 2008 Mid August Sunset... Wadind the shore... Casting a line... jZ- 2008 The best feelings in life are those that have no words to describe them... What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us...
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